At Spinal & Sports Wellness Center of Orange County you will find an unparalleled combination of the most innovative treatment techniques with the basic principles and philosophy of Chiropractic. Patients can be assured that no matter what their condition, we are committed to providing the highest level of personalized care to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

We strive to identify and correct the root cause of your musculoskeletal problem, rather than simply mask the symptoms. In fact, in most cases we want you to keep exercising and performing the sport/activity you love, as motion helps with the healing process.

What sets us apart is our focus on the entire body, not just the spine. While specializing in extremity and spinal case management, we have been able to help patients not only for various spinal conditions, but also for issues involving the joints and soft tissues of the arms and legs. So whatever your personal condition, from headaches to low back pain, shin splints to carpal tunnel, you can be confident that Spinal & Sports Wellness Center is the right place for you!

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Dr. Saddik has treated patients with a wide variety of injuries and symptoms. Read just a few of the things his clients have to say about him.

“Just a short month and a half ago I could not walk, stand, sleep, bend, shower, etc. After talking to a few different doctors, my options were surgery or a life of pain meds. Then someone referred me to Doctor Saddik. Amazingly my life is being given back to me on day at a time. It is nothing short of a miracle!”

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