Luc A., 26
Newport Beach

Ryan T., 34

After an Injury, I had sacroiliac joint (SI joint) and lower back pain for more than 3 years. After seeing numerous chiropractors, months to years of physical therapy and cortisone injections I began to think that my sacroiliac joint (SI joint) pain was something that I was going to have to live with and my active lifestyle was a memory of the past.
A co-worker insisted that I see Dr. Saddik at Spinal and Sports Wellness Center for my pain. My insurance did not cover my treatments so at first I was very resistant to go. Finally, I decided that money is minor compared to my health and livelihood so I would give it on last try. I have NEVER regretted it!!
From the first visit I knew that treatment with Dr. Saddik would be different. Dr. Saddik’s takes a unique and well-rounded approach towards treatment that is possible because he is trained in many techniques including chiropractic, Active Release Technique and Fenzian. This rare combination of expertise and knowledge provides a complete treatment that focuses on alignment, joint mobility and tissue repair. I have found that individual treatment methods (i.e. physical therapy) focused on one aspect and I got better but for limited periods of time but was never “healed”.
Prior to seeing Dr. Saddik my goal was to get through a workday and I stopped considering doing activities that I love. Now I am ecstatic to say that I am surfing, running and practicing yoga again!!

Chassidy J. 32
Newport Beach

On July 29, 2006 I got into a motorcycle accident. The doctors at Mission Hospital concluded that I had a tibia plateau fracture with peroneal nerve damage in my left leg. After a successful surgery the head doctor told me that the peroneal nerve that I damaged, controlled the movement in my foot and that the peroneal nerve more likely than not will not return. Now I have a plate and five screws in my knee and severe foot drop.
But I didn’t take this laying down, with a friend’s recommendation, I gave Dr. John Saddik a visit, since I heard he works well with athletes. After all the bruising and swelling went down, at my first visit he asked if it would be ok if he used a new device on me to try to stimulate the nerve to try to get it to regenerate. He pulled out this thing that looked like something out of Star Trek. With my mind set at the time I didn’t think anything was going to work but I was will to give this Fenzian device a try. After the first couple times I could actually see improvement. It started with just being able to move my little toes. But after the first month of using the Fenzian I was able to start wiggling my toes more and started to slightly move the foot up and down. So my pessimistic views quickly turned to optimism. Now I wanted to be in his office every single day from opening to closing using the Fenzian non-stop.
Now my foot is very much functional, I think with all the doctors that I had seen, I didn’t think any of them gave my foot a great chance of being useful again. But with the Fenzian it just proved all those doctors wrong. Now I get to do everything I loved to do; I’m playing hockey, I’m going for runs, and I’m even back on the motorcycle. So thank you Dr. Saddik and Fenzian for giving my life back.

Kevin P. 24
Laguna Hills

After my double mastectomy, Chemo, and taking my anti-cancer drug (Tamoxifen) I was not feeling like my energetic, happy self. I had so much pain in my head, neck, shoulders and bones my social life was becoming more and more nonexistent, which made me feel even worse. The first office visit I had with Dr. Saddik I could barely hold my head up and my head was hurting so terribly that I was sick to my stomach. This was somewhat embarrassing but Dr. Saddik has a very kind and understanding disposition that put me at ease. Since that first visit I have been following Dr. Saddik’s plan, practicing my exercises, forming new posture habits, and being aware of what can trigger pain. This plan has me feeling soooooo great, I’m back to hiking, paddle-boarding, traveling, visiting friends, and keeping up with my husband. If I feel like any pain is sneaking up on my Dr. Saddik will make time for me to get into the office and get the help I need. I am so grateful for Dr. Saddik, he put my life back on track.

Leann S. 37
Newport Beach

I am a 25 year old personal trainer. I was training to tryout for an LA Avengers tryouts on Saturday November 1 2008. The Tuesday before the tryout I had an odd taste in my mouth. I didn’t think much of it until Friday afternoon when my left eye would not stop watering and then would not close all the way. Saturday morning I woke up and got ready for the tryout. On my way I noticed that I had minimal control of the left side of my face. I cold not smile or move the left side of my face. I was already most of the way to the tryouts so I decided to finish what I had been training for. After trying out I decided to rest for the rest of the weekend and see my doctor Monday morning.
When I saw my doctor he told me I had Bells Palsy. He then told me that since it had been over 48 hours since the first symptoms on Tuesday the normally prescribed steroids would not have an effect and I would just have to wait and the symptoms would eventually go away. He then told me that there hasn’t been any significant data to show that the steroids work and the symptoms will last eight months in some people and most will always have slight signs of it.
That Wednesday I saw Dr. Saddik and asked him about Bells Palsy. He told me he would be able to treat it with Fenzian. Over the following three weeks I saw Dr. Saddik about 10 times and he used the Fenzian to stimulate the nerves and muscles in my face while increasing blood flow to the left side of my face. In that three week time period about 95% of the paralysis was gone and I was able to have a full smile again. After a few more visits I was close to 100% recovered.
Thanks to Dr. Saddik I was able to recover in under one month instead of over eight!

Phillip B. 25

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the progress I am making in regards to the lost feeling in both my feet since getting shingles almost 20 years ago. All my doctors could tell me was that there was nothing that could be done and I would just have to learn to live with the pain and numbness.
I came to see Dr. Saddik as a referral from my daughter, to receive the Fenzian treatment for a stroke which I lost in my right eye. But when undergoing treatments for that problem, I mentioned my loss of feeling in my feet and you started to treat that area also. To my amazement, my feet responded and now after only 10 treatments the numbness, tingling, and burning sensations are slowly subsiding and my feet are starting to feel normal again. I am so thankful that my daughter recommended your office and I would recommend this treatment for pain to anyone.
Even though, at this time, I have not seen a remarkable change in my vision, I am confident that in due time that will also improve.

Robert F. 64

Just a short month and a half ago I could not walk, stand, sleep, bend, shower, etc. After talking to a few different doctors, my options were surgery or a life of pain meds. Then someone referred me to Doctor Saddik. Amazingly my life is being given back to me on day at a time. It is nothing short of a miracle!
I will be forever thankful for Dr. Saddik and his Team.

Thomas S. 46

Dr. John Saddik has made a huge positive change in my life.  I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease and had severe pain in my neck and shoulders.  My primary physician was turning me in the direction of neck surgery when a friend recommended I try Dr. Saddik and A.R.T. Since starting A.R.T. a month ago, I have had significantly reduced pain and I am beginning to feel some normalcy returning to my daily life. I have told everyone about A.R.T. because it honestly does work! Thank you Dr. Saddik!

Lisa M.

After years of powerlifting, wrestling, and combat fighting I have sustained multiple injuries to my tendons, joints, and muscles. I decided that I would give it one more shot to compete in the American Powerlifting Federation (APF) Nationals.
I decided to get some help.  So I was referred to Dr. Saddik, A.R.T., and Chiropractic services. I started with the A.R.T. and after my third session I was able to get back to my training regimen injury free.

Mike T.
Newport Beach

The pain that is in my right shoulder is about 75% gone. I have greater range of motion and a greatly reduced level of pain with movement in all directions. The elastic band exercises I was given no longer hurt when I do them. Actually, at this time, the exercises help reduce the pain and I feel they are essential for someone to fully recover from an injury.
As a very welcome, but unanticipated benefit, my headaches are also greatly reduced.  In the last 2 weeks, I had one mild headache that was controlled by taking 2 Tylenol and 1 Aleve over a 12 hour period. These 3 pills are only a small fraction of the medication I would normally take prior to the chiropractic treatment I have been receiving from Dr. Saddik.
I want to thank you for the health care you have provided and am beginning to look forward  to a full recovery from both injuries.

David B.

On December 15th I had to see Dr. Saddik one more time.  I had torn cartilage in my right knee, I’ve had this problem for years.  He listened to my symptoms then proceeded with the Fenzian and A.R.T.  Thirty  minutes later and I’m 70% better!  Today is December 17th, and with stretching and two follow up visits, I’m 98% better.  In the past several years I’ve see Dr. Saddik for either knee or back pain and always had professional results.

Mark W.  44

My health is back, and I have Dr. John Saddik to thank for it. When I started seeing him, I was going back and forth between living on Celebrex or living in pain due to arthritis in my hips and some serious, unexplained foot pain.  I had been to an orthopedist, who said I wasn’t a candidate for surgery.  He didn’t have anything else to offer.
Then a friend referred me to Dr. Saddik, and everything changed for the better almost immediately. His knowledge about injuries and anatomy, coupled with his ability to get muscles firing properly again with Active Release Technique, is simply astounding. I’ve gone from not wanting to walk across a room to being able to hike three or four miles without any problems.  And pain medication is a thing of the past.
I highly recommend Dr. Saddik

John S.  51
Laguna Beach

I have had positional vertigo for several years. Anytime I lay on my back iwht the head nearly in the same plane as my back the appearance of the room spinning began and would last for up to a minute after I returned to a sitting up position. A quasi sea sickness feeling would last as long as 1 to 2 days after the event.
This had a limiting effect on my every day life. While sleeping I needed to stay on my side or stomach. Chores that required being on my back didn’t get done (ok, maybe that part wasn’t so bad). Every morning I had to get out of bed carefully and slowly to prevent the vertigo from starting.
My general practitioner really didn’t have any suggestions other than to take cold/allergy medication.
A friend who had a similar problem suggested I give Dr. John Saddik a call. I did and Dr. Saddik has been treating my case for 3 weeks with amazing results. The 2nd treatment resulted in some improvement, and by the end of the second week (4th treatment) I couldn’t believe how close to level my head could be without being dizzy.  After the 5th treatment I’m going through the day uninhibited.

Jeff C.  47

Before coming to Dr. Saddik, exercise and even driving were quite painful. By following his directions with physical therapy and seeing him for regular visits of Active Release Technique. I was able to work through my pinched nerve/slipped disc condition. Presently I am pain free and back to being very active in both work and play. I am very pleased to have worked through my condition without hormone injections or surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Saddik.

Spencer C.
Newport Beach

I have been working out for almost 18 years and have only had a shoulder injury once or twice. This last time I injured my chest and shoulder which prevented me from working out for almost 6 months. I thought because of my extensive experience in working out I could rehab myself. Unfortunately after 5-6 months of very little improvement, I finally went to Spinal and Sports Wellness Center after speaking to Dr. Saddik.
After Dr. Saddik performed the A.R.T. treatment on me, I noticed HUGE improvements after the 1st visit. Now after 6 treatments I am almost 100%. The only thing I regret was that I didn’t come to him sooner.

Banir G.  32

A few words about how I feel lately. The treatment has made an impact on my life that is hard to explain. Not going through a day wondering if I will have a vertigo attack, is wonderful!
Dr. Saddik told me I might feel a bit Euphoric. I didn’t know if that’s what I feel, but being happy most of the time is definitely better than the last few years. I have the confidence now to plan an out of state trip.
My family has even seen the change in me.

Steven P.

Last April, our daughter, Helena, began to complain of pain in her leg and back. She said that her right leg began to hurt after a fall on the athletic field at school and also after a Tae Kwon Do yellow belt testing the next evening. Within a couple of days she began to walk with a pronounced limp and we noticed that her right leg suddenly appeared to be shorter than the other. Closer examination revealed that her hips had somehow tilted and that her spine had curved. She had experienced no recent illness and we were alarmed. The pediatrician initially thought that she had pulled a muscle. A week later we were told we would be referred to an pediatric orthopedic specialist but had to wait for our HMO to approve it. As there was no accompanying illness, we began to explore alternatives. These included chiropractic care and muscular therapists. We did see the specialist and he was perplexed. After many tests that included blood work, x-rays, MRI, bone scan, etc, there seemed to be no answer for the cause of the problem.  We finally landed at Spinal and Sports Wellness Center and with Dr. Saddik at the recommendation of a friend.  By this time the HMO had already approved physical therapy, which we were doing twice a week. Dr. Saddik was kind and very calming. He was confident that with the therapy and his treatments that Helena would recover fully.
It was a long road indeed. Thanks to the combined efforts of the therapist and Dr. Saddik we quickly began to see results. Helena continued to improve and the therapist ended Helena’s treatments. We have continued to see Dr. Saddik because it was clear to us that we still needed help.
Dr. John Saddik has been a savior!! The stress such an event places on a family is enormous! Helena has continued to improve and is as happy and active as she has ever been.  We are very thankful for the efforts of Dr. Saddik to restore our daughter’s health. When the specialist was uncertain and only questions, Dr. John Saddik had not only answers. But solutions as well.
We would enthusiastically recommend Spinal and Sports Wellness Center and Dr. John Saddik to anybody who might find themselves in similar circumstances.

Steve and Benedicte S.
Helena S. 9
Mission Viejo