Dr. Saddik Demonstrates ART

Dr. Saddik Demonstrates ART

Dr. Saddik and Greg Faunce from OCTrainer show how amazing and painless Chiropractic and Active Release Treatment are for performance and health.

Dr. John Saddik gives a great presentation on how Active Release Treatment and Chiropractic form a critical part of any athletes (or just normal peoples) regime, and treats Greg through a whole session.

Greg, and several of his clients, have had amazing results with ART and Chiropractic care with Dr. John Saddik, so we thought it time to video a therapy session; Dr. Saddik is very articulate and knowledgeable and shares some really useful information. It’s a long video, but we really hope to show how effective this is, as well as how painless – many people are just a bit afraid of this for no reason at all!


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