Treatments Offered


Chiropractic care is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ, and system of the body. The spinal cord–the gateway of the nervous system–is protected by bones, specifically the skull and vertebrae. When the vertebrae lose their normal position or move improperly, they irritate the nervous system. When the nervous system is irritated, it is called a subluxation. Detection of a subluxation and correction by spinal manipulation can relieve nerve interference and allow the spine and nervous system to return to a healthy state. {Read More}

ART – Active Release Technique

ART is a medically patented, non-invasive, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fascitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART. These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused muscles. {Read More}


The Fenzian™ Treatment System is a non-invasive, safe, painless, and effective method to alleviate pain arising from a wide range of medical conditions.  The system combines a proprietary, handheld digital device and clinical support with an intensive professional training program that makes the trained Fenzian practitioner an integral part of the system. {Read More}

AIS – Active Isolated Stretching

The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes. These stretches provide maximum benefit and can be accomplished without opposing tension or resulting trauma. {Read More}