The Fenzian™ Treatment System is a non-invasive, safe, painless, and effective method to alleviate pain arising from a wide range of medical conditions. The system combines a proprietary, handheld digital device and clinical support with an intensive professional training program that makes the trained Fenzian practitioner an integral part of the system.

Fenzian is the result of more than 50 years of research and development in clinical applications utilizing electrical impulse systems. It is supported by ongoing clinical trials and numerous case studies and is used by leading colleges and universities, professional athletic programs, and healthcare facilities throughout the world.

How the System Works?

The Fenzian handheld device and a trained practitioner work in concert to provide relief for patients in pain. The battery-operated device is placed on the skin of the patient to deliver painless, biphasic electrical impulses.

The Fenzian emits a tiny electrical impulse that replicates a normal healthy nerve impulse. The impulse travels from the skin surface up nerve fibers to the CNS and helps to retrain the CNS so that it responds in a normal way, thereby decreasing pain. The Fenzian impulse also causes a release of neuropeptides, which are proteins that assist in healing. Many traumas that have not been able to previously heal or become un-inflamed are then able to change into a healing mode. Chronic inflammation can be changed to a healthier healing response. Tissues can relax and soften.

Utilizing changes in skin impedance derived from biofeedback and displayed on the device’s digital readout, the practitioner guides the device to most effectively stimulate the patient’s nerve network. Together, the practitioner, the device, and biofeedback from the patient, create an optimal, personalized treatment plan.

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